1st Education Building

10F Seminar Room, Welfare Business Department (Chief Consultant Office, Secretary Room, Agape Education Room, Telephone Consultation Room), Holy City Movement Headquarter / Full Gospel Educational Executive Office / Spirituality Training Serving Center
9F Evangelization Department (Chief Director’s Office, Section Chief’s Office, Religious Workers’ Room, Administration Office, Telephone Visitation Department, Evangelization Team), Bethesda Bookstore (Storage, Tape-Recording Room), Agriculture and Fishery Development Committee, Inspection Committee, Congratulations and Condolences Department Committee
8F Department of the Whole Country Religious Worker Mission (Worship Place, Administration Office), Dancing University (Practice Room, Administration Office), Hand-Bell Office (Practice Room), Men’s Mission Love Sharing Room, Foreign Affairs Committee, Hansei University Praying Place, Aid Welfare Committee
7F Spirituality Training Department (Administration Office), Whitsunday Love Training School, Young San Society
6F Library, Full Gospel Education Center (Chief Director’s Office, Religious Workers’ Room, Administration Office), Angel’s Choir, Foreign Affairs Committee, Environmental Prevention Committee, Spirituality Intercessory Committee
5F Church School Department 2
4F Church School Department 1
3F Church School Department 3
2F Nursery
1F Nursery, Bookstore