2nd Education Building

13F Broadcasting Station (Production Team, Editing Room, TV Control Room), Broadcasting Commission / Promotion Department, Family Newspaper, Promotion Commission, Young Adult Assembly, Jesus Generation
12F Broadcasting Station Chief’s Office, Broadcasting Station (Managing Team, Image Team, Report Team), Studio / Church Plant Sponsor Mission
11F Seminar Room / Evangelization Room, Information and Communications Mission / Pneuma Mission Training Institute (PMTI) / Manhood Department (Chief’s Office, Administration Office) / Department of Exploitation (Chief’s Office, Administration Office)
10F University Youth Department (Chief’s Office, Administration Office, Youth Committee, Mission Team) / International Ministry(Chief’s Office, Administration Office, International Worship Department Committee), Sunday School / Broadcasting Internet Team
9F Education Department Pastor’s Office / Manhood Mission Association/ Foundation Parish / English Ministry (Chinese Worship Place) / Data Processing Room, Operating Room
8F Youth Mission (Pneuma Senior Pastor’s Office, Pneuma Religious Worker’s Room, Pneuma Mission / Gospel Senior Pastor’s Office, Gospel Religious Worker’s Room, Gospel Youth Mission, Gospel Dance Team / Karis Senior Pastor’s Office, Karis Religious Worker’s Room, Karis Youth Mission, Karis Serving Room / Parish Room (Hope, Spirit, Emmaus, Love, Sharon) / New Comer’s Room / Promotion Room
7F Secondary School Student Department 1, 2, 3 Teachers’ Room / Hearing Impairment District Worship Place, Serving Room / Visually Impaired District (Sunday School) / Linguistic Mission / Athletics District / International Worship Place / High School Student Choir / Property Management Committee / Counseling Academy
6F Secondary School Student Department 1 Worship Place, Affiliated Room / Welfare Business Department (Chief’s Office, Administration Office), Youngkwang University (Administration Office, Worship Place)
5F Secondary School Student Department 2, 3 Worship Place, Affiliated Room, Secondary School Student Department 2, 3 Classes
4F Sunday School Department 4 Worship Place, Affiliated Room / Secondary School Student Department 2 Worship Place, Affiliated Room / Communion Room / Bbula Mission / Youth Department (Sam School, Pneuma Executive’s Room)
3F Sunday School Department 5 Worship Place, Teachers’ Room, Affiliated Room / Sunday School Department 6 Worship Place, Teachers’ Room, Affiliated Room
2F Mapo Large Parish 2 / Geumcheon Large Parish / Broadcasting Control Room / Happy Sanctuary
1F Information Desk / 4-5 Years Worship Place / Love Sanctuary / Sharing Café
B1F -
Club Fish / Car Park / Electricity Room / Machine Room / Disaster Prevention Room / Elevator Room