World Mission Center

11F Education Department (Administration Office, Religious Worker’s Room), education Department Chief’s Office, Education Research Committee, Bethel Sanctuary (High School Student Department 1)
10F General Affairs Department (Chief’s Office), Situation Room, Ministry Research Room, Parish Operation Consulting Committee, Pyeong-Yang Heart Hospital Construction Prompting Special Committee
9F Ministry Department Senior Pastor’s Office, Academic Affairs Department Senior Pastor’s Office, Academic Affairs Department Chief’s Office, Administration Office of Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs Personnel Planning Team, Prayer Place Supporting Team, Mission Department, Mission Committee, Planning Committee, Personnel Committee, Construction Committee, Finance Committee, Ethics Committee, Prayer House Committee, Conference Room, Professor Logos’ Mission
8F Oceania Mission, South America Mission, North America and Canada Mission, Success the Middle-East Mission, Church Planting Committee, the Legal Profession Mission, Music Mission, the KukminIlbo Supporting Mission
7F Elder Society, Doyen Elder Society, Aged Elder Society, Worship Committee
6F (Corporation) Full Gospel Men in Business Mission Association
5F Northern China Mission, Southern China Mission, Children and Teenagers Mission, Academy Mission, Indochina Mission, West Asia Mission, Document Mission, Agriculture and Fishery Mission, Africa Mission
4F Military Mission, South-East Asia Mission, Police Mission, Transportation Mission, Athletics Mission, Social Business Mission, Campus Welfare Mission, Hairdressing Mission, Entertainer Mission, Russia Mission, Culture and Artists Mission, North-East Asia (Japan) Mission
3F Deacon Society, Deaconess Society
2F Zion Sanctuary, High School Student Department 2, 3 Teachers’ Room
1F Information Room, Shalom Sanctuary, 6-7 years Department Teachers’ Room, 4-5 years Department Teachers’ Room
B1F Cafeteria, Mapo Large Parish, Disaster Prevention Room, Car Parking
B2F -
Car Parking, Electricity Room, Machine Room